Whatever You Are, Be A Good One

This is my first blog and I thought this is the best way to introduce my self into this blog community. If you want to know me briefly then you can just click on “About Bliss PinkCo” page and read a little bit about me. Now many of you may wonder what made me start this website ? To be honest, I just want a website where I could just share my life experiences. Idea of writing a blog always fascinated me, it’s something about it which felt right. 

  • Currently Living : Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • Bit of Studing Info : I am currently enrolled in Business Administration degree, majoring in Finance.
  • Work Experience : I have 6 years of retail experience / 2 years of administrative assistant.
  • Hobbies : Photography, Writing, Reading, Travelling, Cooking … & now creating this blog is the latest on this list.
  • Places love to visit one day : Tokyo, London & Greece.

“Whatever you are, Be a good one” – Abraham Lincoln

I think this quote speaks for itself. It has such a powerful message behind it regardless of what you want to be in life or what your dreams are – Do Your Best. Success- something you have to earn and work hard for it. It may seem that you are facing many disappointments or failures BUT giving up on your dreams or lower the dail on your determination isn’t the option. These days, it is very competitive to be the best right off the bat but you have to stay on the track of work hard. You will make a lot of mistakes along the line  and will learn from those mistake. I truly believe, no successful person have succeeded in life without making mistakes, they take those mistakes as an experience and work hard for their dreams.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, where you live – what really matters the most is be yourself. In today’s world, being yourself is such a challenge for most of us. There is this idea of being perfect and having no imperfection on social media which is impossible. You are born to be perfect you, it’s the world that makes you  think you are not good enough. These days social media is becoming “fake”. What I really mean by that is, these days on Internet there is this perfect image “socially accepted” picture of what beauty is. In reality, beauty comes in all different types of form and shape. It doesn’t matter how you look or what you wear, it is your personality that shines through. You can be or do whatever you want once you put your heart and soul into and be the best at it. Let NO ONE stop you from following your dreams. You can never make everyone happy nor everyone will believe in your dreams, so don’t change yourself for others to like you –  BE YOURSELF. Always remember, you are doing this for yourself.
Hope you enjoyed reading this blog.


Bliss PinkCo.