Day 1. Journal 1. Time to get it all together/

4:27 pm of 30/08/2017.

As I stare at this blank screen for hours and can’t get enough motivation to write a blog. I woke up feeling not so driven by my goals. Every hour, I would make an excuse of putting off my work for next hour. Why do I not feel motivated or want to get my life together? But I think it is okay to feel lost at this age, but its not okay to make your life miserable by giving an excuse of being lazy.

After taking my time from everything, I am finally ready to commit myself to something I enjoy. Blogging is like a therapy, writing a blog makes me forget about everything else that is going on in my life.

Starting today, I am going to post a blog daily. Whether it is about fashion, a journal or lifestyle. At 23, I feel really lost about my life, and my career. I know it is okay to feel lost in life but the hardest part is feeling motivated when you are feeling low. I am blessed to have an amazing life, I really appreciate my parents who supports me throughout my decisions. Now its time to make them proud, but first make myself proud of myself.

One day I want to go back to India, and able to help the kids in need. That is one of my biggest goal I want to accomplish by the end of this year.

How did my day go :

Woke up at 9:30 am thinking it will be a productive day, turns out one of those lazy days. Didn’t feel like getting any work done but since I promised myself, I had to get the work done. So yeah, so far I have written this blog and my work is done for the day.

I am not perfect, I truly believe that it takes time to change yourself for better. Today was the first day for a better change and if I could help even a single person with my journals and how to overcome anxiety & depression, it would mean world to me.

Thank you for your support & hope you stick around to read more of my daily journals.



Self Confidence.


In today’s generation, self confidence is such a great topic to talk about.


Gain confidence for success!

Believing in yourself is key to making healthy changes.

Throughout the years, I have struggled with self confidence and currently in process of over coming it. I believe, self confidence struggle is a battle of your own. It is upto you how you want to over come it. Either you can lose or win this battle. It is a fight that you are fighting with your inner self. I once read ” Transforming yourself is changing who you are on the inside, giving yourself an internal makeover“.

One thing that I will start off with is that self confidence is equal parts mental and emotional. Physical has absolutely nothing to do with self confidence. If you depend on your physical appearance to bring you happiness, I guarantee you! it won’t last very long. You could be drop dead gorgeous but if you are not happy from inside, it will reflect on the outside.

Finding your self confidence starts with mentally teaching yourself each and every day to stop saying those negative things about yourself and focusing on the positive side. You have to train your brain to think positive and try not thinking about negative things about yourself. It’s hard! Anyone who has trained themselves will always admit that. It. is. hard. BUT that is why it is worth it. You can’t get good at something without failing at it first.

With the combination of mental and emotional, physical is a piece of cake. THAT is why it is the last to focus on. 

Hope you enjoy this read.