Crabtree&Evelyn * Product Review

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First of all |round of an applause| for me. I made it to the second day of daily blogging.

Since I decided to blog everyday, Thursdays will be dedicated to beauty reviews. Later down the road in two months or so when I have a lot of content gathered up, I will make my blog post into category.

Today, I am going to do a review on one of my all time favorite store – Crabtree&Evelyn.


I came across this brand last year while doing some window shopping in an outlet by Vancouver airport. What really caught my eye was the packaging of these hand creams. The writing on the packaging as well as the classy look of it. The minute I tried the hand cream the smoothness of the cream really blew me away. It moisture your hands and makes them feel as soft as a cotton. I truly enjoy their products and each time I try something new, the quality of their product blows me away.


My all time favourite is their “Pear & Pink Magnolia” scented hand cream. The scent isn’t too fruity which is a plus point for my liking. The perfect blend of fruit and flower. It’s got a fresh floral tone topped with a sweet fruity scent! This is definitely my favourite out of all the ones I have tried in the past.


The second one I want to do review on is one of their new collection hand cream – “Citron Honey & Coriander” 

This hand cream has it all! The scent is amazing, it actually smells like you cut into a lemon & the coriander balance out the strong lemon fragrance. The texture is just right! Its Hydrating without the greasy feel. Citron, Honey & Coriander is a vibrant expression of the alchemy that occurs under a Mediterranean sun.

I really recommend these hand creams as fall season is just around the corner. I truly rate this product 10/10.

Currently, Crabtree&Evelyn is offering some great discounts on their website as well as in stores. If I was you, I wouldn’t miss this offer. Click on the Link below.

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Self Confidence.


In today’s generation, self confidence is such a great topic to talk about.


Gain confidence for success!

Believing in yourself is key to making healthy changes.

Throughout the years, I have struggled with self confidence and currently in process of over coming it. I believe, self confidence struggle is a battle of your own. It is upto you how you want to over come it. Either you can lose or win this battle. It is a fight that you are fighting with your inner self. I once read ” Transforming yourself is changing who you are on the inside, giving yourself an internal makeover“.

One thing that I will start off with is that self confidence is equal parts mental and emotional. Physical has absolutely nothing to do with self confidence. If you depend on your physical appearance to bring you happiness, I guarantee you! it won’t last very long. You could be drop dead gorgeous but if you are not happy from inside, it will reflect on the outside.

Finding your self confidence starts with mentally teaching yourself each and every day to stop saying those negative things about yourself and focusing on the positive side. You have to train your brain to think positive and try not thinking about negative things about yourself. It’s hard! Anyone who has trained themselves will always admit that. It. is. hard. BUT that is why it is worth it. You can’t get good at something without failing at it first.

With the combination of mental and emotional, physical is a piece of cake. THAT is why it is the last to focus on. 

Hope you enjoy this read.