About Bliss.PinkCo

May 25th 2016 Blisspinkco was born. Why “Blisspinkco” you may ask ? I don’t have a correct answer for it but what I do know is that, this name felt right. The word Bliss reminds me and gives me the feel of summer and pink off course what girl doesn’t like pink and co umm.. why not just write a co after your name! Behind the name blisspinkco is a 22 yrs old girl, university student / part time employee. 

WELCOME to Bliss.PinkCo. In this blog, I want you to experience life through my eye. I have always lived by the quote “Don’t ruin today for yesterday’s regret and tomorrow’s stress” In this blog I choose to write about the things I liked, the things I feel passionate about. I always had an idea to blog and share my creative side with the world of internet but never felt motivated to do so. BUT here I am ! I did it, I FINALLY have my own blog. I feel very excited and bit nervous but I am up for this! So, I hope you enjoy bit of my creativity side and the ideas that I held on to for the longest time in my life! I don’t think of myself as a fashion guru nor I think I am perfect in any way. I just want the world to know it’s okay to be yourself and love yourself for who you are.


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