Place where it all began.

Vancouver – A place that makes you fall in love with its beauty.

A quick flashback: Ten years ago, sitting on a plane and looking at Vancouver felt like a dream; a dream which came true (credit goes to my parents). Vancouver, a city that welcomes everyone with an open arm. A city where an individual can dream freely & achieve his/her dream with hard work. A city that gave me courage to follow my dreams & currently making me fall in love with its summer days & beautiful sunsets by the beach.

Vancouver, the place I call HOME is where my dream about blogging began. It was two years ago, when I got the idea to create a blog page.  I guess, it was not the right time or more realistically I never had the courage or never felt motivated enough to follow my dream.  In my teenage years, I use to watch vlogs on youtube & follow all these famous YouTuber on their daily vlogs. At that time, I had no idea what “lifestyle blogging” meant but I liked the idea how these YouTuber could film each day of their life, create a memory & share it with the rest of the world. Since, YouTube was not my cup of tea, blogging seemed more practical. After doing endless research and staying up till late, I decided I should go for it. But like most of your hobbies, this one kinda faded away for a while but deep down I knew it was more than a hobby; It was my passion.

Vancouver makes you fall in love with its warm, bliss summer days & cold, festivity winter nights. Even thou, us vancouverites call Vancouver – Raincouver since it rains 85% throughout the year. Sitting by the beach on a warm summer evening, watching the sunset is such a peaceful yet so powerful scene (which is my personal favorite time of the day). That is the very moment that makes me realize how blessed & lucky I am to experience such a beautiful scenery. Something about that time period, which is so powerful where you feel like you can conquer the world. Vancouver has a lot to offer to people who live here, people who visit this city. The vibe of this city made a girl who never could imagine to achieve something so different in her life is following her passion. It is a city that makes you fall in love with its nature, its lifestyle & its multi culture. A city that MUST be on your list to visit.

So here we are. About time I realized, my blogging hobby was my passion. Passion – something that makes you happy, something that brings out the real you, something that makes you motivated to achieve more. With help of an amazing individual, I can finally do this.

Hope you enjoyed my read. Thanks for reading.


BlissPinkco ♡

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